Returns on major IT investments require application architects

Companies spend huge amounts on software, but will only realise benefits if the technology is leveraged to support business strategy, expansion or just survival
Bram Meyerson

Boards demand measurable value to justify the costs of enterprise software solutions. Are CFOs equipped for this challenge?

Most executives agree that the global pandemic played a key role in accelerating the adoption of new technology solutions in most sectors around the globe. This resulted in an immediate change in ways of work for employees as well as customer experiences, and subsequently the pace of automation put organisations under immense pressure to respond with a responsible and strategic approach.
Bram Meyerson

Service delivery issues: Robotic Process Automation can help

The biggest stumbling block to implementing Robotic Process Automation is that so many of the processes at government level are manual and paper-based, writes Adrian van der Merwe.

The ‘why not automate?’ philosophy helps Arena Holding’s circulations team manage its changing distribution network effectively.

The team adopted a ‘why not automate?’ philosophy to ensure that Arena’s current staff complement could meet the increased transaction volumes with the same or better service levels.
Author: Adrian van der Merwe

Six priorities for boards in 2021

Following a year of global upheaval, organizations are re-evaluating every aspect of their business. In 2021, companies and boards will face an acceleration of existing challenges and be compelled to address how they are building resilience and creating sustainable value in a rapidly changing business environment.
Author: EY

Embracing process automation to survive and thrive at a time of crises

The speed at which companies implement their digital strategies is often too slow and does not keep pace with the structural shifts that affect their industries.
Author: Bram Meyerson (CEO - Quantimetrics)

How to Tell the Story of Change

Before people accept a solution, they have to agree there’s a problem. Telling a story—and illustrating their part to play—can make transformation easier

Reduce Risk Lift Performance – 2020 Global Resilience Report

How resilience reduces risk and lifts performance - 2020 Global Resilience Report

Rethinking Purpose: The Catalyst for Reinvention and Rebuilding?

In times of crisis we rely on ethical and purpose-driven leadership to guide our actions. Many organisations are at risk of redundancy if they do not pause to re-evaluate their purpose and align their strategies