To build better organizations through the collective experience of our diverse HIA! Digital Network.

In a world of unprecedented complexity and opportunity, organizations are seeking new innovations and connections to strengthen their competitiveness. We collaborate with our Clients and Network members to help grow and improve organizational performance in a sustainable way.


  • We uphold the highest standards of integrity;
  • We only work with ethical people and clients;
  • We deliver high quality work that is valued by our clients;
  • We collaborate and build trust with our clients and network members


To offer professionals, consultants, investors, mentors and coaches a platform to network and access a wider market place.

To offer clients access to a broad range of reliable skills, capabilities, knowledge and experience to resolve business issues in an agile and sustainable manner.

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We offer a digital platform for independent professionals to collaborate; improve both the quantity and quality of lead generation; provide more competitive pricing through scale and the ability to enter innovative risk and reward related contracts; enhance the quality of the solution and work products; and access funding and investment opportunities.

Clients engaging with the platform benefit from knowing that their service providers meet high professional and ethical standards, subscribe to a strict code of conduct and set of values and are regularly and transparently “rated” for each project completed.

Our primary offering is a versatile platform to:

  • Connect likeminded professionals;
  • Share ideas and solutions;
  • Develop relationships, create strategic partnerships/alliances and transactional/project partnerships, alliances and/or sub-contracting agreements;
  • Strengthen proposals, enhance the quality of solutions and service offerings and improve the overall value of the service provided to clients;
  • Generate leads through referrals to help and support the members of the HIA! Digital Network; consolidating and managing shared opportunities, combining talent and tracking/monitoring progress; accessing a variety of projects to participate in and contribute towards;
  • Provide a peer review system which offers an opportunity to coach, develop and encourage development and improvement;
  • Share resources, including offering tools and templates to improve standardization, support proposals and enhance the quality of work products;
  • Establish a methods and practices platform to support various components of a consulting engagement, such as, basic policies and procedures, pipeline management, contracting, engagement terms, client acceptance and quality reviews;
  • Share knowledge, experience and continuous learning; and
  • Access skilled resources with specific specialized capabilities and/or sector knowledge.

Our secondary offering includes a platform to:

  • Benefit members from centralized negotiations for products, services and licences, where appropriate; ?
  • Support “crowd funding” investment opportunities; ?
  • Co-ordinate risk and reward negotiations relating to potential project funding and support

Our primary offering includes the following:

  • Access to a wide range of reliable professionals, consultants, mentors and coaches – the HIA! Digital Network provides access to a range of subject matter and industry specialists;
  • Access to a full range of specialists across the consulting value chain from strategy to execution; ?
  • Lower risk due to the regular screening, rating and accreditation of members – members are regularly reviewed by their peers and can only be registered if they are in good standing. Members are required to renew their membership on an annual basis; ?
  • Pricing flexibility – the HIA! Digital Network can offer a certain level of flexibility in pricing from a risk & reward point of view which strengthens the overall value proposition as affordability is taken into account; ?
  • Flexibility in structuring the offering/service/solution to suit the timing and budgetary constraints of clients; ?
  • Higher quality due to the regular review of work products and compliance with standard policies and procedures; ?
  • Access to tools, templates and methods; ?
  • Invitations to events, meetings and conferences at lower costs; ?
  • Access to an allocated client advisor for advice or simply as a sounding board;
  • Access to an experienced board of advisors to discuss, brainstorm and advise on client related challenges; and
  • Local experience supported by global knowledge, where required.