Top 10 project management questions

Here are my top 10 questions project managers should ask before commencing a project:

  1. Who is the project sponsor? – Is the role of the project sponsor clearly defined in terms of expectations, accountability and measurement;
  2. Who are the project stakeholders? – Is there a clear stakeholder map;
  3. What is the project objective? – Is this clearly stated, easily understood and generally agreed by all stakeholders;
  4. What are the project deliverables? – Have these been stated in the project charter with allocated timing and responsibilities;
  5. What is the timeline for completion? – This should be broken down into phases (where appropriate);
  6. What is the scope and cost of the project? – This should also cover scope exclusions and cost management processes;
  7. What are the project risks? – Have these been formulated in a risk register clearly showing type of risk, reasons why this is a risk with potential implications, and mitigating actions;
  8. How will progress be measured, monitored and reported? – Has an appropriate governance model been established to enhance oversight;
  9. How will project successes and milestones be communicated? – What is the communication plan and how does this link to the stakeholder map; and
  10. How will the change be embedded into the system? – Is their a clear mechanism to ensure that the value from the project is sustainable.